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Dublin’s newest restaurant, Café 1920 is the kind of place you will lose yourself in and forget the hustle and bustle of City life. A huge range of food choices from brunch to light bites and more substantial dinner choices.

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A selection of Genuine visitor reviews

Tripadvisor, November 2018

I only went for eats

In Dublin for a couple of days and this hotel is just over the bridge from the bank that I happened to open a company account at. I went in the first day for a latte and a sparking water. I spied the mussels on the dinner menu, alas it was not to be, I wanted to go shopping.

The next day I found myself passing again so caught up with those mussels. Mussels + cider + bacon + cream + shredded cabbage and carrot = a wonderful Irish twist on a Belgian classic. People mess around with food but this worked 100%

Weirdly the mussels despite being a perfect light lunch are not on the lunch menu. Huh? I only noticed the previous day because I was teased with the evening menu.

The décor at this place is spectacular, the service is excellent and they are throwing themselves into the festive spirit already with a christmassy playlist and a lady that seemed to have bought a large paper star from Ikea.

I will have to go back to Dublin as our company has relocated there. This will definitely become my preferred tranquil mussel stop off. I might just try and stay there too.

Tripadvisor, November 2018

Cafe 1920 afternoon lunch

I am a Dubliner born and bred. I was returning from a wellness mindful course. I was feeling positive but hungry. I wasn't ready to catch a 66! I went into Cafe 1920, which is part of this beautiful hotel. However, it is not part of their business.
I was taken by the high ceilings and sumptuous but tasteful decor. The seats and tables were comfortable. There were Christmas decorations but they were tasteful.
There was a lunch menu and I asked Sebastian the bar man if he could recommend the chowder to me. He said he could proudly stand over it. Simona was my waitress and she laid the table beautifully. The cutlery was shiny, beautiful and spotless. There was a beautiful glass receptacle for the butter. I thought it would look good on my table if I could source it somewhere. There was eating and drinking on the chowder and is tas full of fish and shells. Very authentic and very fresh. The homemade brown bread was delicious too. There were other people there but I felt like Simona and Sebastian were my personal attendees for the day. I ordered a flat white and something sweet which was not on the menu. Quelle belle surprise, et quelle gourmandise when Simona gave me y coffee and Sebastian served me three home made mince pies!!! Bliss absolute bliss. I actually brought two of the mince pies home as I wanted to share them with someone special.
I am proud to be a Dub, and to have found this bijou of a restaurant. Yes it was great value 6.50 euros of the soup and bread. Well worth it

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